Treatability Lab Services

Terra Systems, Incorporated’s Treatability Laboratory is located at 130 Hickman Road, Suite 1, Claymont, Delaware 19703. Terra Systems is one of the most experienced companies in conducting treatability studies having conducted over 200 studies. Typical treatability studies and lab services include:

•  In Situ Chemical Oxidation Studies
•  In Situ Anaerobic Bioremediation Studies of Chlorinated Solvents
•  In Situ Aerobic Bioremediation Studies of Petroleum
•  Monitored Natural Attenuation Studies of Chlorinated Solvents and Petroleum
•  Petroleum Hydrocarbon Utilizer
•  Plate Counts

Terra Systems can also evaluate the benefits of:

•  inorganic nutrient additions
•  pH control
•  oxygen sources from sparged oxygen, slow release oxygen compounds or hydrogen peroxide.

TSI has an EPA permit DEN201200001 to accept and dispose of hazardous wastes from treatability studies.

Download a four page PDF overview of Terra Systems Laboratory Treatability Studies and Lab Services “here”.

Michael Lee, Ph.D. manages the treatability studies and lab services and has over 25 years experience in conducting treatability studies and in situ field and scale bioremediation projects. He provided oversight for the first successful anaerobic bioaugmentation project for TCE and cDCE at Dover AFB, DE in 1997. He has supervised the injection of TSI-DC® at over twenty sites.

Each treatability study is custom designed with input from the client and the final price is approved by the client. To discuss a potential treatability study with Dr. Mike Lee or to obtain a ‘sample” treatability report call him at the lab at 302-798-9553 or email him at

For General Information, please e-mail: