Why Terra Systems and Bioremediation Technology?

Terra Systems scientists pioneered enhanced in situ bioremediation technology starting with aerobic bioremediation in the 1970’s when Richard Raymond, Sr. received the first patent for in-situ bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon. Today, led by Richard Raymond, Jr. we develop cutting edge biological based solutions to solve complex remediation problems backed by a strong Research & Development program and our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. We develop, produce and distribute value-added products that are well beyond the capabilities of the toll producers used by other suppliers. Our long lasting emulsified vegetable oil products (SRS® Family), our quick release lactate products (QRS™ Family) and our TSI DC® Bioaugmentation Culture have assisted site remediation companies with green remediation alternatives for over 20 years.

Terra Systems operates its own manufacturing facilities and can easily setup "Just-In-Time" manufacturing and delivery of SRS®, QRS™ and TSI DC® Bioaugmentation Culture to your site. We work closely with the on-site project managers to produce and deliver our products based on real-time site conditions. The benefit of this is that if you run into any injection delays, you don't have to worry about on-site storage of large amounts of material especially in hot weather. As a product supplier, we view environmental consulting companies as our customers, not our competitors and our goal is to make you successful with your clients.

2015 - - - - - Licenses Primawave from Wavefront Technologies for Terra Systems, Inc. US Rental Program. Primawave's pulsating action provides a superior method for introducing in-situ bioremediation and ISCO remedial fluids into aquifers. The simple, low-maintenance designs allow for on-the-fly adjustability and low operating costs and the tools are available for immediate rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
2013 - - - - - Introduction of SRS®-Z, a emulsified vegetable oil substrate combined with microscale iron, which combines anaerobic and abiotic remediation with superior injectability and radius of influence.
2012 - - - - - Introduction of SRS®-C, a custom formulation of our large (SRS®-FRL) and small droplet (SRS®-SD)  patented emulsified vegetable oil substrate for maximum retention near the point of injection (SRS®-FRL) and maximum radius of influence downgradient (SRS®-SD).
2011 - - - - - Introduction of SRS®-FRL, a large droplet emulsified vegetable oil substrate with a proprietary anionic emulsifier for high groundwater flow-rate aquifers, fractured rock formations and PRB’s.
2010 - - - - - Introduction of SRS®-M, a small or large droplet emulsified vegetable oil substrate with a proprietary food grade reductant which will reduce hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) and other metals. The concentration of the abiotic reductant can be adjusted depending on the metal concentrations.
2009 - - - - - Terra Systems begins producing its SRS® Family of of Emulsified Vegetable Oil Substrate products in Japan.
2006 - - - - - Terra Systems patented 60% SRS®-SD selected for Sabre DNAPL Research Project.
2006 - - - - - EZVI is licensed from NASA.
2004 - - - - - Terra Systems is the first to ship SRS® Emulsified Vegetable Oil Substrate to Brazil.
2004 - - - - - Terra Systems is the first to ship SRS® Emulsified Vegetable Oil Substrate to Japan.
2002 - - - - - Terra Systems and Solutions IES awarded US patent 6,398,960 for a “Method for remediation of aquifers”.
2000 - - - - - Terra Systems awarded $1M AFCEE contract at 4 US Air Force sites in the United States for the investigation of alternative substrates for anaerobic bioremediation projects.
1992 - - - - - Terra Systems is founded.
1974 - - - - - Richard L Raymond awarded first aerobic patent 3,846,290 for “Reclamation of hydrocarbon contaminated ground waters”.

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